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Intel GT3 Graphics in Haswell – Twice as Fast as Ivy Bridge @ Legit Reviews

Intel GT3 Graphics in Haswell – Twice as Fast as Ivy Bridge

Next month Intel will be releasing dozens of processors based on the new highly anticipated ‘Haswell’ microarchitecture. These processors use the brand new 22nm 3D Tri-Gate production process and have some pretty interesting features, but we are going to be talking about the graphics aspect of the new processors today. Intel GT3 graphics is said to double the performance over current Intel graphics solutions, but is it coming to desktop processors?


“One would expect that Intel would be putting this glorious new GPU technology into socketed desktop processors, but we have learned that is not the case. Only certain BGA versions will receive GT3 (Intel HD 5xxx) integrated graphics. Intel will have some R-series desktop processors that feature Intel HD 5200 graphics (GT3e), like the Core i7-4770R, but they are all BGA solutions. All of the traditional desktop processors will get GT2 (Intel HD 4xxx) integrated graphics…”

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