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iPhone 4 Unlocking Tool Now Available


Macrumors reports that the iPhone 4 is now unlockable with version 1.0-1 of the ultrasn0w unlock tool.

“The first iPhone 4 unlocking tool has been released. Version 1.0-1 of¬†ultrasn0w provides iPhone 4, 3G and 3GS owners the ability to carrier unlock their iPhone to work across multiple providers.

“While in some countries customers may be able to buy unlocked iPhones, most iPhones come locked to the specific mobile carrier. The process of “unlocking” the iPhone allows you to use the same phone across other GSM mobile phone carriers. In the U.S., however, options for alternative carriers are limited as T-Mobile is the only other GSM-based carrier and they do not even support the iPhone’s 3G data network. In order to unlock your iPhone, you must first be¬†Jailbroken.

“Users should, of course, proceed at their own risk, as none of these procedures are sanctioned by Apple who warns that any issues caused by these procedures could violate your warranty.”

Those interested in using T-Mobile as their carrier of choice can now be happy.

And T-Mobile fans as well as some eager ATT fans rejoice. . . Wonder how long till Apple nukes this ability.


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