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Jetway HA12-LF

A brief overview:


The front of the packaging shows basic informational stickers on the components included.


The HA-12LF comes in packaging similar to other Jetway hummer series boards.

Overall the packaging is very similar to that of other hummer series boards which adds a nice uniformity to Jetway’s product line. Overall presentation is done very well without to much flash needed to convey the product.


A closer look at the sticker shown on the bottom of the packaging, this sticker details some of the specs.


Opening the packaging reveals the board wrapped in anti-static bag and held in place with foam. On top of the board lies the cd, manual and back plate.


In addition to the board you get SATA cables, driver CD, back plate, manual,

PATA cable, 4pin molex to SATA cable.

while the SATA cables don’t say SATA 3 much like other cables we have seen in the past these are still usable with SATA 6Gbps with minuscule difference.

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  1. I bought this MOBO back in march for a custom build and have had nothing but issues with it. I originally installed a dual-boot windows setup and would get freezing, black screens and BSOD’s randomly. This is with all official drivers and compatible hardware, recommended ram voltages and no over-clocking at all. I decided to RMA it a month later and got nowhere. I have changed out the CPU, ram, and even the HD and PSU with the same results. Now I can’t even get Jetway on the phone anymore to pursue further recourse. Steer clear!!!


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