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JLab B-Flex X-Bass USB Laptop Speaker Review

f you’re reading this on a laptop, the odds are good that your speakers can cause an audiophile to suffer severe internal bleeding. And while that’s not necessarily a bad thing, you could probably still stand to upgrade your speakers to a nice USB alternative with a little more oomph. Today we’re taking an in-depth look at JLab’s B-Flex X-Bass, an odd little system that incorporates a subwoofer into a package smaller than a can of Red Bull. Press on to see how it stacks up in our review. Verdict:
The B-Flex X-Bass delivers amazingly loud and vibrant sound for its diminutive size, but suffers from a lack of mids and highly directional sound. The Good:

  • USB digital audio
  • Excellent volume
  • Passive subwoofer delivers strong bass response
  • Single connection with zero excess cable slack
  • Not constrained to desk or laptop use

The Bad:

  • Midtones are lacking without EQ tweak
  • Sound is highly directional from side of laptop
  • Minimal stereo separation
  • No analog input for MP3 players

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