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K40 Electronics RD950 Radar Detector


In our fast paced society of hectic schedules, meetings, and busy social calendars everyone is in a rush to get from here to there. The modern automobile is now loaded with multiple electronics from heated seats to Bluetooth streaming music from your smartphone. Most of the electronic gadgetry in your vehicle provides additional convenience for a more comfortable driving experience.  Today here at TechwareLabs we review a recent addition to K40 Electronics line-up of radar and laser detection devices – the RD950 Portable, All-Band Radar and Laser Detector.  This technology addition to your dashboard will help you avoid emergency vehicles and avoid costly speeding tickets – for those rare occasions where you might be travelling too fast. This automotive gadget is not a new invention in the detection of invisible rays used most commonly by law enforcement to issue speeding tickets to drivers. K40 believes the unique patented design of the RD950 is superior to other radar/laser detectors so much so as to provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  The guarantee even pays for most speeding tickets incurred whilst using the RD950 Radar and Laser Detector during the first year of ownership. Lets take this  essential vehicle accessory for a test drive!

RD950 Radar Detector TechwareLabs 7

RD950 Radar Detector TechwareLabs 10




  • **NEW** K-Band Filter
  • Fully Programmable
  • Flexible Mute Options
  • Selective Filter Sensitivity 
  • Display Dim Option
  • All Accessories Included
  • Voice or Tone plus Display
  • Vibrant Dot Matrix Display


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