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Kanex GoPower Plus Premium Portable Power

Kanex GoPower Plus

Premium Portable Power for iPhone + Android

Need on the go energy for your portable devices? Sure you do, everyone does.  You have seen them in use at airports, cafe’s, and all around town..powerbanks, or power bricks. They are super useful and we suggest you get one but ditch the brick and lose the cables as its just too much to try to carry around. Most power bricks look like a small rectangular box and require you to keep your charging cable handy or it doubles as a useless paperweight on the go. We love the usefulness of the powerbank but without the brick and cables… And it seems now Kanex has just the device for us.

Its more than a powerbank without the brick and cables, its got a great design and thought put into its function. The GoPower Plus does what a portable battery should without getting in the way, costing too much, or requiring you to keep your cables close.  A just $42 from Amazon, the GoPower Plus 800mAh has enough go juice to recharge an iPhone 7 twice.

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