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Kingston HyperX Beast DDR3-2133 64GB Memory Kit Review @

Quote: “Not that long ago Kingston announced a new entry into their HyperX line, Beast.  The Beast memory kits are designed for users who want the largest capacity memory available, but still want that performance memory speed and quality.  HyperX Beast is part of the Predator line so it is made for both power users and enthusiasts.  As I said these kits are for people who want large capacities so the lowest capacity kit available is 16GB.  Kingston was nice enough to send us the “big boy” of the line which is the KHX21C11T3FK8/64X kit.  This a 64GB (8x8GB) kit running at 2133MHz with timings of 11-12-11 at 1.65v.  So let’s get started!”

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