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Lenovo Multimedia Remote with Keyboard Review

Everything USB is pleased to announce our latest review on Lenovo Multimedia Remote with Keyboard. Finding the right Home Theater PC remote can be an exercise in frustration. For the last three years, I’ve been searching for the right combination of control, wireless range, battery life, backlighting, and price. Even as a reviewer, this is much harder than you’d think it’d be. Enter Lenovo with their second generation HTPC controller, the N5902 Multimedia Remote with Keyboard. There’s a ton of improvements to be had over the older N5901 including backlighting, but how does it stack up overall? Click onward to our in-depth review to find out! Verdict:
Lenovo’s second generation HTPC remote suffers greatly the optical trackpad’s low resolution, but is mostly vindicated by the comfort, backlighting and wireless reliability. The Good:

  • Pleasant ergonomic grip
  • Efficient keyboard
  • Comfortable scrolling
  • Dedicated media keys
  • Receiver stows in battery compartment
  • Arrow keys have raised nub
  • Decent wireless range

The Bad:

  • Optical trackpad is terribly slow
  • Lacks “Green Button”
  • Escape and Backspace keys hard to locate by touch
  • No recharging solution
  • Arrow keys are a stretch for lefties
  • Backlighting is uneven

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