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Lian Li PC-90 PC Case/Chassis Review




Lian Li has once again looked at the conventional PC case and changed the location of just one component which has been in the same location since the first PC tower and completely changed the game. The ingenious engineers at Lian Li have taken the hard drives out of the front of the computer case and tucked it up along the left side. This slight move of the vital component has now provided more fresh air to be routed directly to PCI components and CPU heat sink without having to traverse a labyrinth of hard drives and mounting brackets. This change also provides an area to mount a total of six 3.5” hard drives or twelve 2.5” drives which is more hard drives than any other full tower chassis on the market today. Join us, as we crawl through Lian Li’s PC-90 chassis and see why this relocation may change how computer cases of tomorrow will be designed.




The features of the PC-90 in of themselves may not look like anything amazing compared to other Lian Li cases, but they have not held back tossing in everything that Lian Li has in all their other cases that make them unique. Such things like vented brackets come standard and are very much needed to provide a way for the hot air to escape. The inclusion of washable air filters has been taken for granted but once you wash them the first time (after a few months) you’ll appreciate the fact you don’t have to purchase replacement filters.

– Thermal Solution: Two 140mm fans (front) and one 120mm fan (rear) keep hot air from damaging your hardware.
– Removable Hard Drive Tray: Supports six 3.5″ HDDs and six 2.5″ HDDs, easy installation and services.
– Fan Space on Top: Space on top for fan if users desire.
– USB 3.0 Multi-media I/O ports: Users can easily access USB 3.0, e-SATA and HD Audio ports.
– Removable front panel: The removable front panels are joined with specialized plastic kits that prevent the metal parts from touching each other.
– Liquid cooling holes: PC-90 supports liquid cooling system.
– Maximum Video Card Size: 400mm
– Washable air filter in the front
– Maximum PSU Space: 300mm (used top fan: 165mm
– Vented PCI Bracket
– Rubber Strip
– Case Stand
– M/B Thumb Screw
– Graphics Cards Holder
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