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LIAN LI PC-A77F Computer Case/Chassis

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A look inside:

The internal construction of the PC-A77F is revealed in all of its glory once we take the side panels off the case and look inside. Let’s dive into some of these unique features to show you what the PC-A77F is really made of and why it is set apart from other cases on the market today.

<KENOX S860  / Samsung S860> <KENOX S860  / Samsung S860>
Left Side view with rail support installed. Left Side with Rail support removed.

The PC-A77F is cavernous with the left side panel moved. With so much space to spare inside there is plenty of room for air to flow through the case and with proper cable management there is for sure plenty of  unobstructed space for the air to flow. One feature that we didn’t notice till sometime later was the lack of a window on the left panel or even a fan, but we didn’t think the window was necessary, however, having it as an option may be desired by many enthusiasts to show off the inside of their case.

For gamers the PC-A77F grants enough room for that array of 5870’s or a series of GTX480’s without worrying about the length of the card or the amount of heat generated. In general practice the larger cases allow for greater air flow, especially around heat generating components. This means that with the array of 120mm fans at the front of the case, you can be assured that your game critical video card(s) will be kept cool.

<KENOX S860  / Samsung S860> <KENOX S860  / Samsung S860>
Power Supply in-place on mount. Tool-less installation of the power supply

The unique feature for the power supply is the elevated bracket which allows for the power supply to be installed right side up. Additionally the bracket allows for less cavitation and a positive airflow being spaced from the intake surface. Our concern here is that the power supply is sucking in cold air and not recirculating hot air from both the power supply itself and from within the case.

We installed our Tuniq 1200Watt power supply within seconds using the the Lian Li tool-less design and supplied bracket hooks, it snaps right into place. The elevated bracket of the power supply allows for the fan power supply to be face towards the floor of the case eliminating the need to remove the power supply’s fan grill which often sits higher than the rest of the PSU surface. This in turn has prevented proper installation on several other cases we have reviewed in the past. Having the Power Supply mounted correctly allows cool air to be pulled from the bottom and also also prevents loose screws from be dropped into the power supply if it were installed upside down which has resulted in failure of at least one power supply here at TechwareLabs.

<KENOX S860  / Samsung S860>

<KENOX S860  / Samsung S860>

The PC-A77F comes with a set of three 3.5″ drive modules. Removed one module to demonstrate its construction.

The front of the PC-A77F comes with three removable modules which holds up to three 3.5″ HDD’s or like bay devices. Each module comes with a 120mm fan attached to the front. The modules are attached to the case by thumb screws to continue with the tool-less concept.

<KENOX S860  / Samsung S860> <KENOX S860  / Samsung S860>
HDD module from the front. The PC-A77F came with a supply of vibration elimination grommets and thumb screws.
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