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Lian Li PC-V353A Aluminum Silent PC Case Review @ NikKTech

Description:  Looking back less than 5 years ago i really can’t remember of anyone who owned an HTPC system and i can’t really say that i remember that many HTPC enclosure solutions either. Today things have obviously changed and so many people choose to have a single HTPC system to use both as a normal Desktop system and as a Hardware Media Player while at the same time skipping the cost of an LCD screen which would in most cases be a lot smaller than their main TV (naturally). Up until today i have to admit that although i do have an small HTPC system i never did like them much mainly because of the tiny interior space which doesn’t really allow you to install large and many components. Lian Li has been amongst the very few PC Case manufacturers who have actually designed and manufactured medium-sized HTPC enclosures and their latest PC-V353A might just be one of their best ones to date.

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