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Lian Li PC-X2000FN Chassis Review (w/ dual Xeon)

I have reviewed many thousands of tech goodies over the last decade and only a handful of these have left a long lasting impact. These are the products that you get a ‘warm fuzzy glow’ about inside when you think back … I can still remember playing Tomb Raider at 640×480 with my 3DFX / Matrox Millennium system for instance. Apple’s first iPad was an iconic product. When i first listened to STAX 009 headphones, that was a life changing experience.Lets be honest, computer chassis are not the sexiest products. They don’t target the Endorphins – we review hundreds of cases every year and very few create any kind of lasting impact with me. There is a reason for this – they are generally built to a budget price point to target the largest possible audience. There are only two cases that I would take with me into the next life – the Silverstone Raven 02 and the Lian Li X2000. Today we are looking at the latest revision to the X2000 – the X2000FN.

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