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Logitech Harmony 1100 Advanced Universal Remote Review @ NikKTech

Description:  In my bedroom alone i have a grand total of 7 remote controls for quite a large range of devices so you can certainly understand how frustrating having to find the right one every time can be. Universal remote controls have existed for many years now but never could a single remote cover 100% of your needs so if you were really lucky and you didn’t have many devices of the same type to control you would just need to keep the AC remote around. The very first universal remote i used was the rather impressive (even by today’s standards) Philips SBC RU880 i bought back in 2004 and which is still working just like the first day. However much like everything in this world the time has come for something improved to take its place and i just couldn’t think of anything better for the job than the Harmony 1100 Advanced Universal Remote by Logitech.


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