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Logitech Zone Touch T400 Wireless Mouse for Windows 8 Review @ Legit Reviews

Logitech Zone Touch T400 Wireless Mouse for Windows 8 Review

The Logitech Zone Touch Mouse T400 goes beyond traditional mouse functionality by letting you quickly and easily access popular elements of the Windows 8 operating system. It features a glass touch-surface that is designed for smooth horizontal and vertical scrolling with your fingers, and you can click anywhere on the front of the touch zone to go directly to the Windows 8 Start Screen to access your favorite apps. Read on to find out more about this sub $45 mouse for Windows 8!


“After using the Logitech Zone Touch T400 wireless mouse on the Asus Zenbook Prime with Windows 8 we found that it was easy to get used to and did help with Windows 8 navigation. The thought of not having a physical scroll wheel may be daunting to some, but we quickly adapted to how the touch zone scrolling works. The Logitech SetPoint software is key to making this work and feel right to users and Logitech has done a great job…”

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  1. Great and simple article! Easy to read and informative. Logitech mouses are one of the best mouses out there and people should know about it, good work.

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