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LunaTik Watch Band for the Apple iPod Nano

Lunatic Watchband for the Apple iPod Nano

As some of you realize Apple’s last iteration of iPod nano had the ability to be converted into a watch. Simply choose your watchband from a selection of manufacturers insert your Apple iPod nano, and the result is you have a stylish watch that also serves to carry your music with you.

Now there are a lot of choices in the market currently, from a variety of manufacturers. The market for accessories for the Apple iPod is huge with nearly every manufacturer of accessory wanting a stake in the market. So how do you select the right watchband for your Apple iPod nano.

LunaTik Classic Silver


Well that highly depends upon what you are looking for in a watchband. Let’s take myself for example I was looking for a stylish watchband that was also sturdy and comfortable to wear. I’m not a big fan of plastic watchband’s as they tend to break easy and since the nano is a touch controlled device I can see that happening quickly. In the end I selected the LunaTik Classic Silver watchband. LunaTik makes a variety of watchbands the Apple iPod nano, the LunaTik classic which is what we are reviewing here today has a price tag of $79.95. The company lunatic has several models to choose from ranging in price from $79.95 all the way up to the LunaTik Lynk model with a price tag of $139.95. You might consider this a bit pricey for a watchband and you would be right, but having attended the CES show for many years I can tell you that I’ve seen a lot of accessories that are cheaply made and will break quickly. Many of the watchbands made for the Apple iPod nano are cheap parts and will break quickly. Now if you are simply seeking to slap a watchband around the Apple iPod nano to take with you and you’re going to be swapping the nano in and out and perhaps a rubber or plastic enclosure is just what you want. However if you’re looking for a watchband that is going to be semi-permanent for your Apple iPod nano then let’s take a look at the LunaTik Classic. The model we are reviewing today is the LunaTik Classic in silver with a price of $79.95. The main enclosure for the Apple iPod nano consists of two aircraft grade machined aluminum pieces that bolt together with four hex head screws from either side. The back is still padded so as to avoid scratching your iPod nano and all in all your nano fits quite securely in the enclosure.

Design Downsides

Taking a closer look at the enclosure there are a couple of downsides that I can see. First from a functional standpoint the enclosure fits so tight that I do not see it closing with a screen protector in place. Next but less important it does require you to screw the enclosure together so that means if you want to take it apart out it’s not so easy. Next and most importantly, the watchband fastener consists of a single machined aluminum piece that holds the band to itself after you’re finished tightening the band. The fastener itself is engineered smartly but also results in its potential to be lost. Since you can pop the fastener out of place and move it so that the band adjusts properly that also means that if it pops out of place while wearing it it can be easily lost.

LunaTik Classic SilverLunaTik Classic Silver

Design Upsides

On the upside for the lunatic classic is the fact that the enclosure is quite sturdy. It provides a raised edge to prevent damaging touchscreen, and still allows you access to the charging, headphone port, as well as the volume and on an off key. The band itself is made out of a high-quality silicone rubber that is quite tough while still being flexible and allowing your skin to breathe. It is quite nicely not made out of the same hard rubber material that most watchbands on the market are made from.The watchband fits securely looks good and is not easily scratched. In reference to our earlier concerned about the watchband fastener we have never had it come loose nor fall out. And as we mentioned earlier is easily adjustable.

LunaTik Classic SilverLunaTik Classic Silver


At the end of the day we really like the LunaTik Classic silver. I do have reservations about paying $79.95 for a watchband. The higher end model made by LunaTik the Lync retails for $139.95 for the black edition and $129.95 for the silver edition. At these prices are paying is much for the band as you are nano which I think many consumers will have a problem with. While I like the construction look and feel of the product I do think it at the endo of the day it is overpriced. It is why I opted for the LunaTik classic silver as opposed to the LunaTik Lync model which I preferred. So essentially this watchband is for a consumer who understands they’re going to pay extra for a long lasting watchband is not overly concerned about the price. The lunatic link is for the high-end consumer, who wants an attractive watchband and is willing to pay the extra money for it.


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