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MacBook Pro versus MacBook Air


MacBook Pro versus MacBook Air

Apple have been voted the world’s coolest brand, but the tech giants are not just about style over substance. Whether you want a music player, a phone or laptop, if it bares the Apple logo you can be certain that your new device will be of a fantastic standard.

While this is great news for consumers it can make choosing difficult, as the advantages of one high-end machine over another may not be immediately clear. When it comes to choosing from the fantastic laptops in the Mac range, deciding between the ultra-light MacBook Air and the sturdier and heavier MacBook Pro can be a tough choice. If you’re the kind of person who relies on their laptop a lot, you’ll want to make sure you bag the right features to suit your needs.


First of all, you should consider where you go with your laptop. Does it accompany you to meetings? Do you take it on public transport? To the library or coffee shop? If you’re ticking yes against all of these and coming up with a dozen more places in your head right now, a MacBook Air may be the smarter choice. Weighing in at about 1kg for an 11 inch model, the Air offers unbeatable carry-friendly construction, compared with the 1.6kg of the 13 inch MacBook Pro model. At 0.68 inches thick you can easily slip the 11 inch Air into your bag and take it wherever you need to be.


If you need to run some seriously advanced programmes when you reach your destination, however, the beefed-up spec sheet of the MacBook Pro may be worth carrying the extra weight. The 15 inch version runs a 2.3GHz quad-core Intel i7 processor which is backed up by 16GBs of RAM. That means being able to run demanding applications with ease and speed. You’ll get smooth and quick performance when using even the most advanced image and video editing, 3D modelling or music-making applications, even if you’re running more than one at once.

The Air by no means lacks in the performance department, as it will run day-to-day applications fantastically well. However, the screen lags behind its big brother’s impressive display, with the Pro offering 2560 x 1600 super sharp pixels against 1440 x 900 pixels in the same size model of Air (13 inch), which can’t match the Pro for brightness or detail. It’s another tick in the box for the Pro if you’re someone who likes to get creative with their computing and relies on being able to see every detail in their work.


It may well boil down to price, and the super performance of the Pro doesn’t come cheap. The top spec MacBook Pro can cost up to £2,699.00, while the top of the range Air costs £1,449.00. If you’re going on this criterion alone, an Air is a steal for the super-slick aesthetics and excellent general performance of a MacBook. However, if you decide your requirements mean you can’t compromise on performance, the investment in a MacBook Pro will be worth it. Both laptops are fantastic to use and own, but make sure you choose wisely to ensure you get the most from your investment.

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