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Malware for Social Media Increasing

It doesn’t take the scumbag, lowlife (that’s their legal name BTW)  malware creators long to catch on to the latest thing. It’s more interesting in fact that it took them this long to really start pushing their way into social media in a big way.  If you use Facebook and other social media sites then you are the primary target.

The report identified more than 286 million unique variants of malware, which together were responsible for 3.1 billion attacks on computer users in 2010. The number of attacks delivered via the internet almost doubled, Symantec reported a 93% increase in the volume of Web-based attacks in 2010 over the volume observed in 2009. Shortened URLs appear to be playing a role here too. During a three-month observation period in 2010, 65% of the malicious URLs observed on social networks were shortened URLs.

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