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Monster Adistar Bluetooth Adidas Headphones


 The Fit


Over a long period of time the rubber stabilizers do begin put a pressure point on the inner ear which seems to be a constant issue with these in ear headset models.  Changing the ear pieces do help a little but make them loose so I end up readjusting them back into place. Maybe its a never-ending struggle?

The sound is fantastic on these little guys, they do definitely pack a punch for their form factor, and its hard to find a high quality sound with Bluetooth technology, of course without the price tag. All arrays of sound are clear and undisturbed. The bass sounds smooth as well which is hard to find in a small set.

The cable seems sturdy enough, but won’t directly know without giving time for regular usage. I didn’t quite like the little strap tightener that’s connecting the same cable over itself… the problem isn’t the tightener itself but the fact that it doesn’t unhook at least from one side, it would be great to wear as a necklace!

The only issue I had was figuring out the battery Indicator for these headphones, took a gander at the manual and read that there is a Indicator, only on iOS on the status bar when connected… That’s it, no other device is supported. Priopriatery features especially something important as device life is a bit of a turn off. Universal support I feel should be put first, or a method capable of being activated regardless of device.


This headset functions well, looks slick, and provides a nice companion to all kinds of workouts, and their sweat resistance is definitely a plus, just don’t take it to the pool, its not water proof.. Definitely a recommendation for anyone willing to hit the price tag!



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