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Monster Gratitude In-Ear Headphones




But How Do They Sound?

Just for those of you that like to skip over incredibly well written intros (shame on you), the Gratitude headphones sound better than any sub woofer-less system I have ever listened to. That being said, if you prefer Rap, Techno, House, or any bass heavy music, in ear headphones are probably not for you, as they lack the ability to produce any real ‘umph’ that these genres require.

Monster Gratitude


My absolute favorite aspect of these headphones is the required sound levels for quality. Any of you audiophiles out there will know that with most sound equipment, the volume needs to be relatively high to achieve the best sound quality that the equipment can produce, but not so with the Gratitudes. Thanks to the assortment of included earbuds, almost all sound is blocked out simply by placing them in your ears, and the high quality drivers allow amazing sound quality at incredibly low levels. This means that for those of you using a bus or subway on a regular basis can happily shut out the world during your commute, all without having to blow your eardrums out.

Monster Gratitude


In the next few segments, I’ll go through a few genres, describing how the headphones perform with individual songs. Every song mentioned will be pulled from Youtube in the highest available quality if you feel the need to compare the descriptions to whatever sound system you are currently using.


Classic Rock

Journey – Faithfully: Before the music even begins, the Gratitudes replicate the ‘fuzzy’ sound of older recording equipment, which is virtually unnoticeable on any other speakers or headphones. The intro piano comes in as if from a distance and as the other elements begin to layer over, there is absolutely no distortion of sound. The drums, piano, guitar, bass, and vocals are all crisp and clear, easily distinguished from one another, and sound better than a 480p video has any right to.

Monster Gratitude


AC/DC – Thunderstruck: Having seen AC/DC live, I can guarantee you that the Gratitudes replicate the experience in an incredibly eerie manner. Take out the screaming crowds, the slight echo of a stadium, and this is what AC/DC sounds like. The opening guitar lick is clear and chill inducing, and as the song goes into full swing, the Gratitudes produce every note clear and crisp, in some cases sounding superior to a live performance.

Monster Gratitude


Bruce Springsteen – Dancing in the Dark: If you can’t tell by now, these headphones play Classic Rock music like there’s no tomorrow, and The Boss is no different. Once again it’s astounding just how amazing these headphones can sound. Not only is every note once again crisp and clear, but they continue to sound as if the music is coming from about ten feet away, rather than inside your skull like most in ear headphones. Every syllable Springsteen sings comes across sharp and clear, without muddling any of the band’s contributions in the least.

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  1. I also very much appreciate how tastefully the Monster/Gratitude logos are placed on the headphones themselves; they are prominent and easily read, but not pasted all over the product.

  2. I am not convinced with the review. I would like to see more in dept detail including the testting of movies in dvds, blurays and gaming titles, Isnt it?


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