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Motorola ROKR E8 Cell Phone


Front of the box Back of the box

The box itself is very conservative featuring the standard T-Mobile colors: red on white. In the front of the box you can see a picture of the phone while on back you back you have a list of the main features of the phone. After opening the box, the first thing that I was presented was the phone itself as can be seen in the picture below.

Top of the inside of the box Underneath the phone

At this point I could not help but stare at the beauty that lay there right in front of my eyes. The phone is polished black with which gives it a finesse that make it look like some of the most expensive phones out there. This is definitely a phone that would make you feel bad if dropped it. After picking it up for a minute and taking a closer look, I realized that there were no buttons on it. This may not come to you as a surprise, but it was definitely one of features that gave me pleasant surprise. The phone is based on a haptic response. This means that every time you touch a button, the phone will vibrate imitating the feel of pressing a button. This is the simple way that Motorola got people that “Like buttons on their phone” to use the technology of a touchscreen.


As any normal consumer who has gone through at least a couple of phones, I did not expect the packaging of this phone to be any different from the packaging of any other phone. And it wasn’t. From the top down you have the standard user’s manual, driver CD, headphones/mic, battery, phone, case, USB cable, and a charger. Surprisingly enough the ROKR did come with a micro SD card and an adapter, but the SD card was only 1 GB.


The main features of the  Motorola ROKR E8 are the ability to play music and the ipod-like interface. Unfortunately the ROKR only comes with 2 GB of internal storage so you would not be able to fit too many songs in the phone without using an SD Card. Luckily Motorola has already thought of that and decided to integrate a micro-SD card slot into the phone. That is all dandy with only one rather significant problem. According to the manufacturer’s specifications, the phone can only have up to 4 GB of SD storage. This means that putting an SD card that is larger than 4 GB in the slot would be completely useless and the maximum amount of space you will have is 6 GB.

Phone Back SD and SIM Cards

That being said, the ipod-like interface works very well when it comes to music. Although the touch bar does not make the complete circle like it does in the traditional ipod, it does pick up the speed of your fingers and adjusts accordingly while listing through the songs. If you wanted to go from the beginning of the playlist to the the end very quickly all that you would have to do is rotate your hand towards the extreme right of the semicircle using your finger with a faster than average speed. While browsing contacts, however, this feature is not as efficient as I would have liked it to be.IF

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