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MSI Lightning Series Graphics Card are Setting the Performance Benchmark and Leading the Market With Military Class Components

COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2010, the world’s second largest annual computer exhibition, is set to be held in TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall from June 1st to June 5th this year. MSI, one of the leading components manufacturers, will present new techniques and products for the graphic card lineup. The eye catching R5870 Lightning and mainstream market oriented R5770 Hawk both will show up at the exhibition as a testament to the growing demand for MSI product. In addition, Military Class Components, originally introduced on MSI graphics cards, will now also be deployed on all mainboard products for the highest quality products.

Extreme Performance Targeted by Lightning Series

The Lightning series graphic cards have been being eye catching since their debut at the last CeBIT exhibition and the R5870 Lightning Edition is widely accepted by extreme performance players for many of its MSI exclusive components and thoughtful design – including: 15-phase power supply design, LPL special power supply layer and dual 8-pin external power supply connector. The R5870 Lightning series products redefine performance limits of advanced graphic cards with its top performance and specifications.

The popular Hawk series products were introduced for the mainstream markets and has achieved numerous awards and accolades in the process. Adopting multiple exclusive techniques from the Lightning products and the same price tag of mainstream cards, the Hawk series is designed for players looking for an optimum balance between price and performance.

Military Class Components for High Performance and Quality

Military Class Components are now being built into all MSI products as a commitment to the best products on the market. Combining highly-conductive polymer capacitors (Hi-c CAP), solid state chokes (SSC) and military class solid state capacitors, MSI’s adoption of these components, with rigorous temperature and power specifications, not only improve the life cycle of the MSI component products but also demonstrates MSI’s devotion to product stability and efficiency.

Along with higher quality components, the popular Twin Frozr II dual fan design has also been migrated into the new MSI N400 series of graphics cards.  The robust design of dual fans and multiple heat pipes dissipates wasted heat generated by the GPU out of the system in a very short period of time.

The MSI N400 series with the Twin Frozr II design bear an average temperature that is 19oC lower than of standard designs.  The most powerful cooling design in the industry not only ensures system stability under high speed operation, but also increases product life cycle.


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