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MSI Mainboard Overwhelms the Industry Military Class Components, OC Genie Overlocking Technique and Big Bang Flag Ship Series

COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2010, the world’s second largest annual computer exhibition, is set to be held at the World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall from June 1 to June 6.  MSI, one of the leading mainboard and graphics card manufacturers will announce exciting new technologies and products at this event in the area of their mainboard products: the “game-changer” and ultimate overlockable Big Bang XPower; the Fuzion series — with the ability to blend any combination of GPUs for total flexibility; exclusive Military-Class Components and OC Genie’s easy overlocking techniques.

All these exciting technologies will be showcased to demonstrate MSI’s continuous devotion to its mainboard products and an aggressive marketing strategy for the second half of 2010.

Big Bang series – Ultimate Gaming Performance

Designed for power users, the Big Bang series products have been widely accepted by enthusiasts since their debut and were highly acclaimed at CES and CeBIT last year. Following the launch of Big Bang Trinergy and Fuzion, the fully Intel 6-core CPU supporting BigBang-XPower supports six PCI-Ex16 expansion slots and also provides a game audio optimized Quantum Wave™ sound card. The former offers users convenient display performance and quality improvements; the later integrates the newest audio techniques of THX® TruStudio PRO™ and Creative EAX® ADVANCED HD™ 5.0 to playback vigorous and perfect audio with excellent computing power for game players who demand top-notch sound presentation.

Exclusive Fuzion engine for flexible 3D capabilities

MSI has always been synonymous with being a cost-performance leader, and no other technology provides that better than Fuzion.  Easily allowing end users to mix and match their GPU choices without worry, Fuzion not only provides maximum 3D performance, but also the flexibility that mainstream users can utilize to build their dream system.  Take advantage of all the amazing graphics technologies on a platform that provides nearly unlimited combinations.

Military class components for better stability and longer life cycle
One of the other focuses in this exhibition is the establishment of MSI’s higher standard in product design – Military Class Components.  The new components include Hi-c CAP, Solid CAP and Icy Choke for product life cycle, heat resistance and stability improvements.  These amazing components are used in some of the most advanced space and military systems and provide an extreme level of reliability and efficiency.  MSI’s design philosophy is to provide you the most stable platform to base your system.  Whether it is green or extreme, you can take pride knowing your system is built with top-quality.

OC Genie overlocking wizard leads the overlocking trend

In addition to better onboard components, MSI has developed a series of overlocking techniques for user friendly performance boosting. The OC Genie One Second overlocking technique launched at the last COMPUTEX TAIPEI ushered in a new era of CPU auto-overlocking. This year, OC Genie overlocking makes another big leap. Accompanied by an all-new Intel Unlock series CPU, the new OC Genie not only boosts CPU and memory performance, but also improves overlocking flexibility and effectiveness.  MSI is the best technical partner for the Intel Unlock series CPU!

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