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Netis Beacon N300 Wireless Gaming Router




Netis has been trying to take the gaming community by storm, creating innovative networking products with fresh designs and features, helping gamers get the most out of their experience without having to worry about their internet connection. Today we are looking at the new WF2631, and it is exactly what you would expect from a company trying to appeal to the gaming community. With the beacon N300, you now have the ability to control the amount of bandwidth divided across your house with the auto-QoS set up. The auto-QoS setting allows you to use up to 80% of the bandwidth in your house for gaming, and does so automatically as soon as you start playing the games you love. Netis did a great job with the design, creating the WF2631 out of a hard plastic which is coated in a black rubber material with a red trim. The Beacon N300 feels very durable and looks great standing up or laying down. Now let’s take a closer look at the N300.





Impressions and Specifications:

The Beacon N300 comes with the general items you would find with most routers (power adapter, ethernet cable, installation CD, etc). In fact the only thing that separates the N300 from other routers, is the client software for gaming that comes on the disk. A lot of companies are simply putting the word “gaming” in front of their product names for marketing purposes only, and not actually making any advancements to their products. The Beacon N300 has the look and feel like a quality router, but  is no different in terms of performance than most of the routers you would find around the same price range. For a wireless router that labels itself as a “gaming router” It’s a little disappointing that the WF2631 isn’t Wireless AC capable, which would improve performance when streaming videos and playing games. Such features have come to be expected with high end routers. However, Netis did make some improvements with the antennas, packing the WF2631 with  three 5Dbi fixed antenna’s giving you a wider and stronger coverage in your home and helps keep a strong and consistent connection anywhere in the house. Take a look at the tables below to see how it stacks up.








The Beacon N300 comes with some handy software features, allowing you to test bandwidth connection, control bandwidth percentages, and store your favorite games in the game library. The application is well designed and very easy to navigate around on. It keeps the theme of red and black, for their gaming series of networking products. There are four tabs on the left side of the application, one for each of the different features. The bandwidth test is nothing special, but seems to be fairly accurate and is nice to have if your curious about your internet speeds. The gaming page allows you to turn the auto-QoS on and off at the click of a button, making it easy to turn off the gaming setting and divide the bandwidth evenly across your house. The game library allows you to input your favorite games into the application so you get the maximum amount of bandwidth available and enhance your online experience. The last feature is the “Web” feature, which allows you to change the percentages of bandwidth for each of the different web types. This feature is very useful, giving you more control over what web activities have more bandwidth available to them.

web  gamelibrary

gaming  speed



To most of us, when we see  “gaming” tag on certain products, it just looks like another marketing strategy for companies to get more money out of the consumers, and most of the time that might be the case. Currently the Beacon N300 is listed on Amazon for $44.99, which is a steal. Whether the Beacon N300 is labled as a gaming router or not, you get your moneys worth as well as some great features to manage your bandwidth activity. If you’re expecting to see drastic improvements in your speed and online connections, than I wouldn’t recommend getting this product and would suggest spending the extra money on something with a higher performance rating. However, if you’re trying to find a router for a good price that will get the job done and a little more, than this router the one for you. The Beacon N300 is very reliable, well designed, and you can’t beat the price.


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