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NEW CONTENT (RAM) – Corsair Dominator GTX8 PC3-19200 Quad Channel 8GB Kit Review

QUOTE: “The launch of the new X79 platform brings with it the introduction of a new memory standard in the form of “Quad Channel”. During our testing, Quad Channel hasn’t had the best start as we see some programs have a real issue testing it at the moment. The biggest culprit for that seems to be AIDA64. Considering how active they are, though, I’m sure that we’ll see this change soon.

Today we’ll be officially testing our first Quad Channel kit, the brand new Dominator GTX8 kit which is of course part of the high end Dominator GTX series which has seen some amazing fast modules. Because AIDA64 isn’t the most Quad Channel friendly benchmark at the moment, we’re expanding our memory line-up with a couple of other synthetic benchmark programs via Passmark PerformanceTest and SiSoft Sandra. We’ve been using PerformanceTest in all our CPU reviews for a while and Sandra has always been a bit on and off for us.”

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