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IPv4 Coming to an End Soon

Now before you start screaming the sky is falling and its the end of days you should understand the implications this has for us all. I imagine there are still a lot of devices out there that don’t support IPv6 and as such those will have to be replaced. Wonder who’s going to flip the bill and how the other countries around the world will handle this cost and situation.

TORONTO — How will we know when IPv4 address space is all used up? And what will happen when that day comes?

The modern Internet has been built using IPv4 (define), which provides for 4.3 billion address, a supply that could run dry within the next two years. Organizations that allocate IP address space like the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) have attempted to forecast when IPv4 address space will be gone, but it’s not an exact science, and there is no precise date to mark on a calendar.

CyberPowerPC annouonces Three New Gaming Desktops

BALDWIN PARK, CA (April 23, 2010) – CyberPower customers can get extreme performance this spring with leading e-commerce retailer Newegg on a trio of new, value-packed, feature-rich, high-performance gaming PCs based on Intel’s fastest desktop platform the X58 with Core i7 processor.

The new system includes the CyberpowerPC Gamer Xtreme 1064, Gamer Xtreme 1069LQ, and the Gamer Xtreme 1065LQ. All of the gaming systems feature the speedy processing power of the Intel Core i7 processor and rich graphics by NVIDIA. Users will enjoy a fast and efficient multitasking experience playing their favorite games, downloading internet files, chatting with friends and family, and streaming online content.

We had the Chance to look at the CyberPowerPC’s offering during CES and were impressed with their designs and prices. I would suggest anyone in the market for a new gaming system take a quick look at their site and offering before heading to a larger OEM where you essentially become a number.

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