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Customized Macbook Air

Got $1800+ cash lying around and a desire to own a sweet custom Macbook Air? These guys got you covered.

Tron Legacy B Roll Footage

Amazing stuff here. I can’t wait for the film.



Stealth Celebrates 20 Years of Business Success

Toronto, Canada/San Jose, CA  ~ November 2010 – Inc. (Stealth Computer), a leader in the industrial/rugged computer market celebrates an important milestone, twenty years of continuous business success.

Stealth Computer is the company entrepreneur Ed Boutilier founded in 1990 after finding the doors of his employer locked and out of business. Despite almost no capital, Boutilier used his wealth of experience and a relentless desire to succeed, to grow his company into a recognized global leader in the industrial/rugged computer and peripherals marketplace.

Congratulations to Stealth for even surviving 20 years in such a competitive industry where the big names thrive and the smaller fish are usually eaten alive.

No Press Is Bad Press Even Online

The NYTimes has an 8-page expose on how an online business is thriving because of giant amounts of negative reviews. It seems that if you directly google the company you have no problem discerning the true nature; but if you instead only google the brand names it sells, the company is at the top of the rankings. Turns out that all the negative advertisement he generates from reputable sites gives him countless links that inflate his pagerank.

Wow, this guy needs a pair of concrete booties. Put me down for $5 on the donations list for ending his existence. I will give him credit for discovering a new way to exploit Google and American Customers at the same time. Wonder how long (if ever) it takes for Google to put a plug in this exploit. Does bring up an interesting question, if it is plugged how long till businesses start the mud flinging contest to degrade the competitions website results.  Issue = Can of Worms

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