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Nextbook Premium7SE Tablet Review

Nextbook Premium7SE Tablet Review



Tablets are what’s in right now. There is a huge market for both the tablets themselves and the apps that go on them. Companies are popping up left and right trying to jump on the bandwagon so they can get a little slice of the pie. Unfortunately, because of this huge demand, some companies push out junk products and convince uninformed customers to buy them. This tactic is especially prevalent in the low price range ($75-150).

But today we are taking a look at the Nextbook Premium7SE tablet which offers the expensive tablet experience at the cheap tablet price. With a 7 inch screen, Micro SD slot, HDMI out,  and Android Ice Cream Sandwich with the Google Play Store, all at a price point of around $130, things are looking mighty promising. Read on to see if this little tablet can stand up to the big boys.

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  1. Great application. Looks great on 10 teblat. After update works even more smoothly. Have just one dislike. Lacking options to customize sidebar with custom buttons for enable/disable GPS WiFi 3G/4G and so on. Would be nice feature since some teblats have hardware buttons for some of above functions like auto-rotate and flight mode. Otherwise great widget it worth every cent. Keep the good work.

  2. I have xperia x10 mini pro and the Market hasnt been uptedad as the play store yet PLEASE REPLY IF YOU KNOW HOW TO DO THAT !!

  3. Well, I gusse after link the camera to your anidord, you can find the camera icon on your anidord phone, and click on the icon, there will be some options for you to choose, then you will know how to get the photos. Er, if it doesn’t work, you’d better use a usb to link your camera with computer to copy the photos to pc, then transfer them to your anidord.

  4. When I type a message on my Samsung Tablet 10.1 there is a 2-3 senocd delay between the time that I strike a key or type a word on the touch screen and when that word pops up on the email.Is this normal? Or is there a fix or setting that I have not found?


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