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Nexus RX-6300 630 Watt Power Supply


Nexus has built their fortune on the Silent Computing movement. Everything they produce, from fans and heatsinks to hard drive suspension kits and silencing foam, is aimed at making your computer run as close to dead silent as possible. It’s no surprise, then, that they would also be in the business of making power supplies. Constant exposure to a loud PSU fan is not only annoying, it can eventually lead to hearing loss. Nexus’s RX series of power supplies is designed to be stable, efficient, and as quiet as possible. They’ve sent us the latest entry in the RX series, the RX-6300. Let’s have a look, and see if it lives up to the claims.

Nexus’s Take:

Nexus power supplies are designed to provide your PC stable and efficient power to guarantee perfect PC performance. Yet we have set everything into motion to make this power supply the quietest in the market.

We have set everything to work to make this model the perfect match of components and parts to have a ultra high efficiency, stable and quiet power supply that deserves the Nexus label.

And we are proud to offer this amazingly silent 630 Watt power supply to you: Nexus RX-6300 Modular Power Supply.


Energy Efficient

The Nexus RX-6300 power supply is guaranteed to provide you with over 82% efficiency (see graph elsewhere on this page). This means the power supply is using the power it is drawing from the wall outlet more efficient and less electricity is wasted. Obviously this is better for the environment and it saves you on your electricity Bill! A more efficient power supply also results in a cooler power supply. So less cooling is needed and we are able to make the power supply even quieter.


By carefully selecting each component we aim at creating the best possible of mix of components to make our power supplies as silent as possible. We are confident that our power supplies are leading the market when it comes to solid performance at the lowest possible noise level. When we test the noise level we do this in a ISO-certified chamber for noise tests. It is important to know that the background noise in such a chamber is a little over 15 dB(A). These are the best possible conditions for these tests and hence you should always be aware when a manufacturer is claiming dB(A) values lower then 15 dB(A). Because how are they able to measure this?

Modular & Sleeved Cables

Messy Cables interfere too much with the airflow inside your PC. The modular cable design allows you to only connect the connectors you really need. Plus all cables are sleeved with a quality black and white X-mesh for a clean good look.

Active PC Circuit

Power Factor Correction (PFC) allows the power distribution system to operate at maximum efficiency. This does not so much influence your electricity bill but it will also reduce energy consumption at the side of the power provider so it is contributing to using our planets resources better and more carefull. Active PFC is technically more complex then passive PFC and matches the overall high quality standard and reliability of this Nexus power supplies.

Full Range Automatic

This power supply can be used on 115VAC and 230VAC input power. Selection is automatically made no voltage selection has to be set. Just plug in and go.


Model No. RX-6300
AC Input 110V/240V 10A/5A 47/63Hz
DC Output +3.3V +5V +12V -12V +5VSB
Max Output Current 24A 24A 50A 0.5A 2.5A
Max Combined Power 140W 600W 6W 12.5W
Total Power 611.5W

Here’s a quick diagram of the included cables & connectors:

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