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NFL Blitz 2012 Edition PlayStation 3 Review

QUOTE: “The first key point is that unfortunately the game suffers from its NFL licence. That may sound stupid, how an official licence can make a game worse, but in NFL Blitz case its clear from the first play that this is the case. This is especially true for those who remember the classic arcade games of the 1990s.

The main reason for this is the No Fun League has had its say. One of the key aspects of NFL Blitz was hard hitting action, over the top hits where players landed on their head, cringed in pain and in the most recent iterations of the game, visceral, graphical injuries are present. It is understandable why the NFL does not want its game portrayed in that way, but NFL Blitz 2012 Edition removes much of what makes the game fun. With no late hits, the game doesn’t seem that over the top and in general it really feels boring to play.”

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