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NZXT Respire T40 CPU Cooler Review

Until now NZXT have not produced a range of budget CPU coolers before. We’ve seen the NZXT Havik series which was designed as enthusiast-class air cooling, and we have the NZXT Kraken series on the way targeting the all-in-one liquid cooling market segment. From my knowledge the NZXT Respire series sprang more or less out of nowhere and I didn’t see it coming until a box turned up at my door.

The Respire series features the T20 and T40 coolers. We have both in for review but first up we’ve opted for the more powerful of the two first, the T40. The Respire T40 is a very budget conscious CPU cooler with four 8mm heat pipes, a single 3 pin (that’s non-PWM) 120mm fan and a thick single tower heatsink.

NZXT are backing it with a 2 year warranty and it will come with support for every new socket on the market including LGA 2011 and FM2.

If you are interested in some detailed specifications then please visit¬†here.¬†Otherwise let’s get started.

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