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OCZ Agility 4 256GB @ PureOverclock

“It’s not always the enthusiasts (and well-heeled) that want blistering speeds, and certainly not just in the SSD arena. Anyone with an SSD can benefit from massive performance gains over a hard drive, from the most diehard to the budget-oriented consumer. So the OCZ Agility 4 targets the latter, incorporating the Everest 2 controller but offering an SSD package that’s very accessible to users on a modest budget.  The interesting thing about the Agility 4 is the Everest controller looks to offer nearly enthusiast-classed performance, particularly in incompressible data, at a much lower price point than we typically see. Currently retailing for only $189 in the 256GB capacity ($100 for 128GB), that’s only $0.73 per GB and a very attractive deal. But how does the performance of the OCZ Agility 4 measure up? Is it worth the investment? Let’s find out.”

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