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OCZ Agility 4 256GB Solid State Drive Review @

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Quote: “Back in July we took a look at the Vertex 4 solid state drive from OCZ.  This was the first consumer solid state drive from OCZ to use the Indilinx Everest 2 controller.  Today we are looking at OCZ’s second solid state drive to use that controller, the Agility 4.  The Agility 4 features read and write speeds of 420MB/s read and 410MB/s write respectively.  Since OCZ has been making solid state drives they have always had the Vertex line and Agility line.  The Vertex line was always the high-end enthusiast product, while the Agility was aimed for the mainstream.  It is no different here, unlike the Vertex 4 that uses synchronous NAND the Agility 4 uses asynchronous NAND and is much less expensive.  As of this review the Agility 4 is $189.99 for the $256GB version.  Read on as we check the Agility 4 out!”

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