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OCZ Fatal1ty Series 1000-watt Power Supply Review

QUOTE: “Anyone that has been around long enough in the industry will know that many of today’s mainstream products were once driven by the modding community. Windowed cases, LED fans, water cooling and more. Power supplies have seen the same thing. Modular cables were inspired by modders who would de-solder extra cables from their power supplies to clean up the case. Cable sleeving came around from the same group. The latest craze has been custom sleeving that involves sleeving each individual wire of the cable. It provides an extra level of detail that helps the computer stand out amongst the rest as well as easing the routing of cables.

It has become so popular that OCZ has decided to bring the feature mainstream with the 1000W Fatal1ty Series power supply. All of the cables are individually sleeved, including the natively wired cables. This is the first unit that we’ve seen on the market to offer this feature. They’ve added this to a unit that looks very promising on paper for both gamers and enthusiasts alike, OCZ could have a very hot seller on their hands if it performs well.”

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