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OCZ RevoDrive Hybrid Solid State Drive Review @

Quote: “We have already seen one hybrid solid state drive solution in the Synapse Cache drive from OCZ.  You pair it with your normal hard drive and it acts as a cache drive doing most of the work to speed things up.  If you are familiar with OCZ’s RevoDrive series of drives you know they offer some of the fastest transfer speeds available on the consumer level when it comes to solid state drives.  OCZ has decided to take this incredible speed put it together with their caching technology and brings us the RevoDrive Hybrid.  It is a PCI-Express card that has a normal 1TB drive on it for storage and 128GB of solid state flash to do the caching.  The drive has rated speeds of up to 910MB/s read and 810MB/s write.  Read on as we take a look…”

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