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OtterBox Commuter TL Case for iPhone 3G/3GS

Looking to get a case to protect your new iPhone? Look no further than OtterBox and their Commuter TL Case. OtterBox is well known for their high quality and protective cases and the Commuter TL is no exception. Check out the OtterBox Commuter TL after the break. First, some features:

“Available in 7 vibrant colors, the OtterBox Commuterâ„¢ TL Series for iPhoneâ„¢ 3G/3GS incorporates 3 slender, yet sturdy layers to provide superior protection with STYLE. First, apply the self-adhering film to protect your touch screen from scratches and dings. The second layer is a textured silicone skin with inner-coring, designed to dissipate shock AWAY from your iPhone. The outside of the case is a translucent plastic shell that clips around the spine of the silicone adding extra support. Your access ports are protected with tight, silicone plugs to keep them free of dust and debris. This case was designed to slide easily in and out of your pocket or purse.”


  • Inner coring along vertical sides to provide added protection
  • Textured exterior side grips for an ergonomic feel
  • Apple logo protected by a transparent polycarbonate shield
  • Self-adhering clear film, cleaning cloth and installation card included
  • Available in 7 vibrant colors

Dimensions (case only): 4.73″ x 2.63″ x .66″

Weight (case only): .74 oz.


The Commuter TL comes in a standard plastic case that is happily ‘wrap rage’ free. Inside the iPhone look-a-like filler box is a pictorial set of directions for installing the protective screen and the case it self; as well as a very nice, but small cleaning cloth.





Installation is very easy, but make sure your area is dust free before removing the first set of backing from the screen otherwise you’ll end up with a spec of dust under the screen. Which is exactly what happened to me. Thankfully, the screen protector is somewhat re-positionable, at least from my experience it was. After installing the screen, simply attach the rubber part of the case, followed by the clear plastic part. Done.

How is feels in the end

After I installed it, I took it for a spin, and after two days it’s definitely safe to say that this is a winner. The rubber feels very smooth, and does not stick to the inside of my pocket (at least not to where it’s difficult to remove). The screen protector is very clear and not at all muddy. Plus, the dock connector and headphone jack covers allow for a less of a chance that water can get into the ports (NOTE: OtterBox says that this case does not add any water protection!). Overall, I really like this case and will be using it. You can get the OtterBox Commuter TL for $29 on their website or any authorized retailer.

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  1. Hi there,

    I just installed the self-adhering film, and there are a few specs underneath. Also, I can’t get air bubbles out. I was careful, and thought I’d made sure my area was dust free. Are you aware of a way to clean the film for reinstallation?



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