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Otterbox Defender Series – iPad Case



With fragile touch screen devices such as the iPad becoming more and more prevalent, the need for cases to protect these electronics becomes more and more necessary. For years Otterbox has stepped up to the plate and offered some of the best protection you can buy for your iPhone with its Defender Series. Now, Otterbox has taken that same innovation and technology that has made them so well known, and super sized it to fit your iPad. Join us as we take a look and see if this case stands up to the reputation that it has created or if this case will leave your glass faced iPad defenseless to the elements.


Packaging of the Otterbox Defender is similar to just about every other Otterbox case packaging. There’s not much to it, but honestly there doesn’t have to be. The case is ruggedized and designed to take just about any beating that you are going to throw at it, so you don’t have to worry about the case being damaged during shipping.

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  1. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!! I purchased a case for $49.90 (a ttille stupid I know), I was expecting a really nice case. However, what I got was a cheap plastic case with crystals glued on it. A lot of the crystals fell off after a week of use. The company is in Hong Kong, and there is no customer service number. If you are unhappy with the item that is purchased you have 3 DAYS to return it. BEWARE!!! The cases look very cool online, but I would not trust the company.

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