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Patriot Gauntlet 320 Wireless HDD PCGTW320S @ Benchmark Reviews

DESCRIPTION: If you’ve ever wanted a compact storage device that was small, had its own power supply, and wirelessly accessible, then the Patriot Gauntlet 320 fits the build perfectly. While capable of connecting via SuperSpeed USB 3.0, the Patriot Gauntlet is so much more. Designed as a portable hard disk drive with 320GB of storage space, 5.5-hour lithium-ion battery, and and integrated 150Mbps Wi-Fi b/g/n access point, the Patriot Gauntlet 320 (PCGTW320S) simultaneously streams media to up to five devices. In this article, Benchmark Reviews tests the Patriot Gauntlet 320 using Google Android and Apple iPhone devices as well as digital media players and the PC platform.


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