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Patriot Limited Edition ‘Intel Extreme Masters’ DDR3 2133MHz 8GB Memory Kit Review

Limited Edition memory is not something that we find cropping up all too often, but when Patriot announced the Intel Extreme Masters Limited Edition kits to coincide with the IEM tournaments earlier in the year, we decided that this would be the ideal opportunity to not only take a look at them, but also the Viper 3 kits as well, considering this is a Viper 3 in a prestige jacket.

Having a top end memory kit is not always the focus of the market in general, considering most people are after capacity these days and don’t really care about speed or quality. Patriot have noted this and instead of hitting an already flooded field with yet another kit like the rest, they have developed something that appeals more to the enthusiast and high end user that wants a kit that has a high level of performance, built on quality components.

To make the limited edition kits for the Intel Extreme Masters overclocking championships, Patriot have taken their Viper 3 and given the heatsinks a colour change to match with Intel’s corporate colours, leaving the shape the same as the Viper 3’s standard design for recognition.

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