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Patriot SuperSonic Rage XT 32GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive Review @ NikKTech

Description:   From all the emails we get and all the comments we read around the web by many people it really seems that portable storage demands not only get to increase in capacity each day that goes by but also in speed since many of you keep asking about which is the fastest and smallest USB 3.0 compatible flash drive in the market currently. Of course the answer to that is not very simple because it’s almost impossible for anyone to get his hands on every USB 3.0 flash drive out there by every single manufacturer to compare them against each other in order to see which the smallest and fastest one is. Still many of you know that we always do our best to deliver on your requests and so after digging around we found what just might be the perfect balance between performance and size, the SuperSonic Rage XT USB 3.0 Flash Drive by Patriot Memory.

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