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PNY CS2211 SSD Review



The packaging here is simple, the label expresses the contents and the contents are not difficult to get to. Simple and effective!

 PNY CS 2211 - IMG_8014  PNY CS 2211 - IMG_8015  PNY CS 2211 - IMG_8016


This drive contains a self-adhesive spacer to make upgrading a laptop a breeze. It may not seem like much but this is an included item that could make or break your upgrade night.

 PNY CS 2211 - IMG_8017

PNY also includes a copy of Acronis True Image HD software so migrating your system from an old spinning disk is even easier. The key is contained in the instructions for getting started with the software. Again Simple and effective!

 PNY CS 2211 - IMG_8023  PNY CS 2211 - IMG_8019

The drive itself is attractive for an SSD, the graphic label looks like carbon fiber. If you were installing this in a case where the drives were visible, it would be a nice touch.

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