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Great job! Not only was it easy to take out, but just as easy to put back in the box and close for transporting. Surprisingly the entire kit can be unpacked and repacked very easily.  Also the box which the PODCASTUDIO came in was very durable and with a handle, you may be holding on the box to transport the kit in the future.

<KENOX S860  / Samsung S860>

<KENOX S860  / Samsung S860>

The box is pretty rugged and could last a while to assist with transporting the contents in the future. The contents were packed away pretty well and was pretty easy to the items back after use without much trouble of figuring out what goes where.


USB Sound Card:

This was my biggest concern. When I opened the box, the only drivers I saw were for XP and Mac OSX. I’m running Windows 7 and Vista at home so I had some doubts. I plugged the USB component into my Windows 7 machine and in a few seconds the native driver was loaded and ready to go, which was very nice. The sound quality is great for the price, but good as can be expected. This will not compete with an Mbox unit, but definitely gets the job done for a lot less money.

<KENOX S860  / Samsung S860>

The USB Sound card was pretty simple in its design but its function speak volumes.

Mixing board:

The connection to the USB soundcard was simple and fast. The input of the mixer goes to the output of the soundcard and vice versa. You will end up twisting a few knobs before getting the hang of the controls. The board allows you to have a microphone in one channel and an additional component (think CD player for background music) in the other channel. With a little practice, this could be a strong starting point for any Podcaster. There’s no phantom power on the mixer, so you would not be able to directly plug in a higher end condenser microphone in without the addition of a pre-amp. For the price, I don’t see this as a big deal.

<KENOX S860  / Samsung S860>

The mixing board has a pretty sturdy construction and appears from basic functions that it shouldn’t fall apart on you from heavy usage.

<KENOX S860  / Samsung S860>

<KENOX S860  / Samsung S860>

Closer look at the jacks. The knobs have a sturdy feel. The transition of sound is also very smooth.
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