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Popcorn Hour C200 Networked Media Tank/HTPC


One of the best way to save money and still get a kick ass home theater set up has always been three words, “build it yourself”. Now the company Saybas is changing that and hopefully for the better with the Popcorn Hour C200. The Popcorn Hour C200 is a Network Media Tank that promises to pack a wallop when it comes to home theater set up’s. Thanks to Saybas you now have the option to purchase one of their sleek looking Popcorn Hour C200 units and still have enough in your budget to purchase a few of the latest blockbusters. Ladies and gentleman follow me as I review Saybas’s Network Media Tank, the  Popcorn Hour C200.


Your first question is probably “what is a Network Media Tank?”

A Networked Media Tank is essentially a network attached storage device that handles your media files. The Popcorn Hour C200 does this very well but it can also do so much more than that.

Take a look at what the company has to say:

“With Popcorn Hour you can stream or playback digital media content from a variety of sources, such as your PC, network-attached storage, digital camera or USB storage (Flash drive, HDD, DVD drive). Popcorn Hour also makes it easy to download and stream content directly from popular Internet sites like YouTube,, Revision 3 and dozens of other online content sources*. Popcorn Hour even has a built-in download utility, eliminating the need to rely on your PC to download files from the Internet.”

Pretty impressive ideas but can the company live up its promises…


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