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Prolimatech PK2 & PK3 Nano Aluminum Thermal Compound Review @ Legit Reviews

Prolimatech PK2 & PK3 Nano Aluminum Thermal Compound Review

Prolimatech, the maker of the popular Megahalem CPU cooler, has introduced two new Thermal Interfacing Materials (TIM) the PK2, and PK3 thermal compounds. Do these to new thermal compounds have what it takes to compete with the best thermal compounds on the market today? Only one way to find out, and that is to step inside and see how they perform against a couple of best known TIMs in the computing world, the Gelid GC-Extreme, and the Antec Formula 7.


“When we look at the cost of the Prolimatech PK3 thermal paste/compound and compare that directly to the cost of Gelid’s GC-Extreme thermal paste/compound, we start to see the value of the PK3 thermal paste/compound. Gelid’s GC-Extreme thermal paste comes in a 3.5g volume tube that has a cost of $12.99, which ends up being $3.71 per gram. When we do the same to Prolimatech’s PK3 with a volume of 5g at a cost of $14.99 we end up having a cost of just about $3 per gram…”

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