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Protect Your Home from Burglary & Vandalism: There’s an App for That

Protect Your Home from Burglary & Vandalism: There’s an App for That

With technology constantly advancing, it’s no surprise we can protect our homes from miles — sometimes states — away. The latest high-tech security tools are easy to install, easy to operate and can be controlled from Internet-connected smartphones. That’s right, your phone can now control your home security.

Safe at Home: Control Everything With the Touch of a Finger

The Craftsman AssureLink Garage-Door Opener allows you to wirelessly control your garage door. But how could that possibly work? The system communicates wirelessly with a network adapter plugged into your home router. Once you register your unit online (the service only costs $20 a year and is well worth it) you’re good to go. The system can let you know how long your door has been open, beneficial if you’ve forgotten to close it that morning. If you’re away from your home or on vacation, you can allow people in and out of your garage with the click or touch of a button. This allows you to stop hiding your key in fake rocks or under the doormat (which, ironically, more burglars look for).

XFINITY Home Security allows you to access your security system at any time. You can wirelessly control the garage door, lighting in your home, arming and disarming the security system as well as live video capability using your in-home cameras. You are also able to cut down on utility costs because you have the option to control the thermostat. For real-time viewing or event-triggered video clips and pictures, you can get them sent to your email or texted to your phone.

Check Out All the Apps

If you’re puzzled about which apps are the best for home surveillance, here are some of the top Mac apps, (which can also work on your smartphone) according to Chris Writes blog:

  • iWatchU: iWatchU is one of the most advanced security apps on the market. It features top-notch motion detection algorithms and will also record video whenever an intrusion is detected. Since every event is recorded, you can easily go back and check what unfolded. You will also be able to monitor multiple rooms at once, perfect if there is more than one intruder ($5.49).
  • Home Watch: This App allows you to watch your home in two ways — the app either snaps a picture when motion is detected, or it takes pictures at time intervals you set ($2.99).
  • My Webcam Broadcaster: If you’re looking for something simple and free, this app is for you. It has very limited features, but has all the basics. It is compatible with the built-in Mac camera. With the app you are able to take regular snapshots to create a time-lapse video.
  • Security Camera: This little app is perfect if you’re trying to catch who’s been using your computer without your knowledge. Every time your computer wakes it takes a photo and stores it into the location of your choice. You can also have the pictures uploaded to a drop box account for remote viewing ($2.99).
  • Third EYE: This app uses advanced motion detection to determine movement around your computer. You can choose two different modes — continuous recording of photos and videos (which can be sent by email) or recordings only at time of intrusion ($3.99).

What About Security Camera Systems?

Home camera systems can protect against vandals for obvious reasons: You can replay the tape to see who vandalized your home or vehicle and, if the vandals are smart, they will avoid your home because they see the security system. Sometimes the best lead the authorities have is the video surveillance footage from your home or car system. If it’s something you’re worried about it is highly recommended to get a security camera system.


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