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Ra Clicky – Custom Tactical Flashlight


Whether you’re working on a computer, defending yourself, or at war, the most important thing you can have is a good light. When it comes to building some of the most advanced flashlights in the world, three names come to mind: Our previously reviewed Brite-Strike, SureFire, and Ra Lights. Many people that go to Wal-Mart and pick up a simple flashlight may not have heard of Ra Lights, but they are one of the most durable, tactical lights on the market. So, will their 170 Lumen RA Clicky Custom Tactical stand up to the test? Join us to find out…

Ra’s Take

The Ra Clicky Tactical flashlight is the next generation single button multi-brightness everyday carry pocket flashlight for the sophisticated flashlight user. HDS Systems invented the intelligent pocket flashlight in 2003 and the Ra Clicky Tactical flashlight is the culmination of our pioneering technologies. You can directly and instantly access the light you need – from a blinding tactical brightness or a tactical strobe, to a low brightness to preserve night vision. You can customize each brightness setting and other features to fit your particular needs. And the light is so small you can carry it with you wherever you go.



  • LED: 170 lumen, narrower beam pattern
  • Bezel: Crenelated, titanium, silver
  • Clip: Silver
  • Button: Raised
  • Operation: Tactical
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2 Comments... What's your say?

  1. For a tactical light, the crown seems to be less effective than other lights such as the Brite-Strike. At this point, i think the cut outs are more for decoration than for any actual purpose. Although the top is obviously strong enough, I’d like to see these edges a little sharper for use in applying pressure points.

    That’s no “beatdown-bezel”, friend. The cut-outs on the side are for making sure you can see it if you’ve left the light on, or switched it on accidentally with the face down. That’s a good way to kill your batteries flat dead in the middle of the night. Not that those titanium teeth won’t stand up in the role of improvised kubotan, but the goal here was making something that won’t chew up pockets.

    Also, the particular LED you’ve got here is the Osram Golden Dragon, a uniquely well-focused light source that’s pushing the envelope for what’s possible with current technology.

    • I’m sorry if I made it sound like all it was good for is a “beatdown-bezel” as you say. Most tactical lights have them but it honestly appears that they have designed this light to be a little more carry friendly. They could always make it more of a weapon, sharper edges, or even blades coming out of the bezel, but then it would be less carry friendly, even tearing up your pockets. The point that I was trying to make is that I, personally, would have liked to the crenelations a little sharper, but that’s just a personal preference, nothing more. If you get into a hand to hand combat, a flashlight is probably not going to do much to help you other than let you see whose eyes your trying to throw dirt in. In my eyes, the design was as follows:

      1) use the Strobe feature to disorient the attacker

      2) run

      3) if attacker happens to grab a hold of your arm, use crenelations on the light to break his grip loose and run faster

      4) if attacker is still persistent, pull CCW

      Regardless of my views of the crenelations, I still think that this is the #1 stock light on the market, and the pros outweigh the cons 8 million to 1, and the build quality is something that is hard for others to match. The other features of this light are soo abundant, that its almost easy to overlook something this small.

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