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Razer Talon High Precision Biomechatronic Exoskeleton


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Razer™, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-end precision gaming and lifestyle peripherals, today announced the Razer Talon. The average gamer hits 100 actions-per-minute (APM) based on the number of actions on mouse and keyboard – Pro-Gamers peaking around 300 APM. Über-optimized and over-powered for MMO, FPS and RTS gameplay – the Razer Talon will accelerate you to a pace of over 3,000 APM. With its intelligent movement programmability and state of the art construction, your opponents, like your keyboard, will be left smoldering in a cloud of smoke.

The Razer Talon will start overloading your nerve endings within 2ms of turning on the Talon NerveLoad SysOps module, enabling you to be ‘one’ with your game, and giving you a greater awareness and enhanced sense.

Prepare to be not two, but over ten steps faster than your opponents in-game. Feel the power when your crosshairs are placed on your opponent’s head before you even think to zoom in. Experience blistering speed when all of your units are queued before your enemy has even farmed their Vespene. Cast spells faster than Swifty while taking on more PVP opponents in the arenas. Hell, he’ll be the one making videos for you next.

Extreme gaming at its best. Right at your very fingertips.

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