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Rosewill RK-9100 Illuminated Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review @ Legit Reviews

The Rosewill RK-9100 mechanical keyboard comes with either Cherry MX Blue or Cherry MX Brown switches to give you a customized typing experience that is second to none. This keyboard also sports individually backlit keys that have four brightness levels and three keyboard modes. Add in extras like a 2-Port USB 2.0 hub and 8 multimedia shortcut keys and you got yourself a high-end gaming keyboard! Read on to see what our thoughts are on this keyboard before you spend over $100!


“The individually backlit keys are very nicely done and the Cherry MX Blue switches make fun clicky sounds as you type away. Typing accuracy was very good on the RK-9100 and after some use you get used to the way the keys work. For example you don’t have to press them all the way down, so once you learn how the switch works you can really fly along. In games the keyboard was great and we loved the gaming mode that disabled the Windows and Application keys! Rosewill has done a very good job with the RK-9100 in terms of modes and we can’t wait to see what the next version will be able to do…”

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