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Rosewill Tachyon 650W Power Supply Review @ Legit Reviews

Rosewill has been playing offence in the high-end segment of the technology market lately, releasing new products one after another. Today we are having a look at the Tachyon 650W, an 80Plus Platinum certified modular power supply with an affordable price tag. How well can it hold against the severe competition? Read on to find out.


“The overall performance of the Tachyon 650W power supply is very good. We could even dare saying that it was much better than we initially expected, considering that Rosewill is an infant when it comes to high performance products aiming towards hardcore enthusiasts. Nevertheless, the Tachyon 650W unit displayed excellent electrical performance, maintaining a tight voltage regulation and offering very good ripple suppression. Furthermore, the efficiency of the Tachyon 650W does meet the 80Plus Platinum certification levels just like Rosewill advertises, even if only barely…”

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