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Rowkin Bit Stereo Earphones


Harnessing the power of tiny, Rowkin has introduced a device that will revolutionize the way we listen to music. We’ll go through the daily routine that these little guys accompany me with, movers and shakers of the like. Then I will provide some tech specs and further details on the functionality of the bits.

audifonos-rowkin-bit-estereo-bluetooth-inalambrico-negro-D_NQ_NP_989115-MLM25173600619_112016-OFirst of all, tiny is an understatement, I mean sure the measure of size is descriptive but hard to picture a circuit board, a battery, and a speaker all capable of floating in your ear without budging. That is the first step to understanding the value of this headset. As I approach my day to day routines of work and errands I can have moments where I can enjoy the pleasing sound of music to calm my nerves or be able to network day to day with a touch of a button. It’s kept me more connected, less obstructed, and flexible when it comes to my continuous migrations from space to space.

DSCN0027The next is the battery holster, a small vape sized battery pack with magnetic forces that attach the earbuds speaker inward. This docks the bits onto a solid, and pretty fun to twirl in fingers, command base to prevent losing track of them as well as keeping them charged for the next commute.




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