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Samsung NX100 Digital Camera



Everyone has heard about the DSLR. The first thing that comes to most peoples mind is amazing picture quality and a seemingly endless amount of options and adjustments, but with the drawbacks of being a heavy, bulky brick that can have a very steep learning curve and an even steeper price. On the other end of the spectrum there are the point and shoots. People love them because they are extremely portable, easy to use, and cheap at the expense of lower picture quality and virtually no setting adjustments.

But what many people don’t realize is that there is a middle ground. You can get amazing pictures with little to no experience while at the same time maintaining the portability.
Today we are taking a look at Samsung’s “middle ground” camera, the NX100. This camera is what is known as a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera meaning that it does not use the mirror system of a regular DSLR to display an exact image of what the lens sees to the optical viewfinder.
Basically this camera offers a DSLR-sized APS-C sensor, swappable lenses, and a hot shoe for expandability while keeping the small form factor and low weight. Read on to find out just what this camera is capable of.



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  1. Would like to have seen this compared more to the Canon G12 or G1 X. This is informative to see how it compares to an older DSLR, but the D80 has been discontinued since 2008. You’re also comparing a 10.2MP DSLR, to a 14.6MP point and shoot. The overall look at the camera is good, however the comparison seems a bit useless

    • The focus was not really on NX100 vs D80 but more on mirrorless vs DSLR. Because this camera is aimed at someone looking to upgrade from a standard point and shoot they can get an idea of how this less-expensive option stacks up to the full DSLR. Besides, the D80 can still take excellent pictures.
      As far as 10.2 vs 14.6MP, we are talking massive vs more massive. The only benefit is that you can crop the NX100 further while maintaining clarity. Once you resize down to a usable level the MP difference is negligible.
      I would have loved to compare to a more modern DSLR, high-end point and shoot, or another mirrorless but resources are limited.


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